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Independence Day

This is the 6th Independence Day I spent in the States - 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. This year it was a Saturday and we went rafting in a small village called Jim Thorpe. I was trying to think of what I was doing in the other independence days. But my memory is vague. All I can remember is that in the year of 2006, Wanyi, Liping, Kun, Jenny and I went to see the fireworks by the river in Toledo.

It was raining for quite sometime before this holiday weekend. On Saturday morning it was quite cool. The river for rafting is about 2 hours drive from where I live. The rafting didn't start until 12pm when all of us finished our branch and got warm up. It seemed that asian people like rafting the most, among them are Chinese, Korean and indian. We were asked to lift and carry the boat and walk into the river to start to make sure we wouldn't miss the coolest water in the river. It was nice floating on the river, since the speed of the river wasn't fast. It supposed to be a five hour jorney. However, none of us brought any time machine. Most of the time, we were active in paddling, quietly guessing who would be the first to fall and how. Soon the answer was unveilled without surprise, the largest guy on our boat. We were not in the front of the group, however, there were several times we were in good position before the boat was suddenly held by some big rocks. The biggest accident of our group was a boat being pulled out of water for getting a hole. In conclusion, I wasn't fall into the water and this enlarged my safety record of rafting.

On Sunday, I watched several movies and TV drama, among them there was one interesting. She was the queen of Louis XVI, the king who was beheaded after the revolution. So was she. But the movie was well arranged only to expose the happy part of they life.

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To Understand the Boltzmann Transport Equation

Here are some internet resources

1. The easiest and vivid explanation of BTE:

2. Fundamental textbook: Microscale energy transport By Chang L. Tien, Arunava Majumdar, Frank M. Gerner

3. Explanation of phonon dispersion:

Study notes:
1)An ensemble of travelling waves having a certain frequency, n, a certain group velocity, Vg , and carrying with it energy equal to hn , where h is the Planck constant.
2)Just as light is a wave motion that is considered as composed of particles called photons, we can think of the normal modes of vibration in a solid as being particle-like. Quantum of lattice vibration is called the phonon.

Wave Vector k -- a vector which points in the direction of propagation of the wave.
Phonon Dispersion -- the relation between phonon frequency(energy) and wave vector

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星期二 lousy





有啥好说的呢, C'est la vie!

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These two days, I have been addicted to a small online-game, "Mushroom Farm Revolution" . The idea is to put the mushroom-like guns to appropriate locations along the path where the targets emerge wave by wave. Once the gun is set, you don't need to trigger it to shoot. It will find its targets as long as they are within its shooting range. You start with the money only enough to buy two guns. You can make money out of killing the enemies. Aside from guns, you can also buy gun accessories to enhance the gun power, which are 5 color precious stones. The idea of the color stones is the same as the Chinese Wu-Xing, which means each color will weaken one kind of enemy but enhance the other. So it is curial to equip the right stone. By making different combination of the stones your gun can have different functions, such as 5% chance of instant death, 3% chance of slow the enemies, 5% chance of more bullets, and etc. So here I am, keep playing it for 2 nights and stuck at level four. And keep playing it in dreams.

One more night passed and still no break through over level4, I decide to search strategy online. The first link came up in google, its title read like this "Mushroom Farm Revolution - Free Strategy Game from AddictingGames". What do I say?

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【文摘】 朱棣文 Steven Chu

[Time] May 11, 2009 全球100位最有影响的人物

身为科学家的一大难题,也许是学会如何在言谈中不流露出科学家样来。朱棣文就精于此道-而这点对我们所有人是好的。朱,61岁,美国新任能源部长,曾在1997年因其尖端物理研究(esoteric studies in physics)而获得过诺贝尔奖,而同时他还致力于分子层面上的生物研究。

然而,也许朱最大的影响力还是来自于能源领域。身为倡导美国终止对石油依赖的长期代言人,朱以其能力和魄力受到了总统Barack Obama的青睐。地球气候的未来依赖于我们重新思考如何使用能源,尽管他的两项优点都将同等重要,但是其魄力也许是最令人耳目一新的。

在他办公室的首次访谈中,面对Los Angeles Times,他坦诚如果我们不行动以改变气候,那么到本世纪末内华达Sierra山顶的积雪将融化,届时加州的农业将无法幸存。 对于关注此事的人这是个明摆着的事实,但是这样的事实我们却已经很久没从政府官员口中听到过了。朱棣文的魄力也许将开创一股全新的坦率之风。

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跟的美剧都没有更新,发现abc的新剧castle挺好看,男主角是DH里曾和lynett有过险情的厨师,他的嘴部的表情很像bruce willies,女主角是个美丽的干探,专管凶杀案。该剧的chemical很对我胃口。顺便把大奥又看了一遍。日剧和美剧比较像的地方是不嘲笑观众的智商。但是下雨天还是不宜看日剧,简直要闷死人了。

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