Thursday, May 7, 2009


These two days, I have been addicted to a small online-game, "Mushroom Farm Revolution" . The idea is to put the mushroom-like guns to appropriate locations along the path where the targets emerge wave by wave. Once the gun is set, you don't need to trigger it to shoot. It will find its targets as long as they are within its shooting range. You start with the money only enough to buy two guns. You can make money out of killing the enemies. Aside from guns, you can also buy gun accessories to enhance the gun power, which are 5 color precious stones. The idea of the color stones is the same as the Chinese Wu-Xing, which means each color will weaken one kind of enemy but enhance the other. So it is curial to equip the right stone. By making different combination of the stones your gun can have different functions, such as 5% chance of instant death, 3% chance of slow the enemies, 5% chance of more bullets, and etc. So here I am, keep playing it for 2 nights and stuck at level four. And keep playing it in dreams.

One more night passed and still no break through over level4, I decide to search strategy online. The first link came up in google, its title read like this "Mushroom Farm Revolution - Free Strategy Game from AddictingGames". What do I say?

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